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Is your skin all set to GLOW on your wedding day?! As a bride-to-be myself (April 2016), I understand the stresses related to organising a wedding and maintaining a beauty routine! No stress, our Bridal GLOW box program is PERFECT for the super busy bride-to-be!!

For this MARCH we are offering our BRIDAL GLOW BOX at a SPECIAL offer! 40% OFF to be exact!! Get in quick, LIMITED SPOTS left!! AND as my WEDDING is only 7 weeks away, I am joining this program & will provide additional support & step by step advice as we share the wedding lead up journey together!!

The BRIDAL GLOW BOX programs offers;

Our BRIDAL GLOW BOX program is perfect for the busy bride to be! We offer a supported online program, our Bridal Beauty Checklist, DYI Calender & planner. The program is designed to take the stress out, provide you with tips & tricks to ensure you are GLOWING on your wedding day! We want you to be the BEST version of yourself!

Any questions, just contact us!

Want more support & advice JOIN other BRIDES-TO-BES in our secret FB group!! BRIDAL GLOW FB Community

Happy planning!! Luv The Glowing Brides xx

New Year, New GLOWING Skin! 

Is your skin all set to GLOW on your SPECIAL day?! The stress of planning a wedding can wreck havoc on your skin. As a bride to be myself I completely understand!!

But whatever your concern is, we can fix it in time! We offer a range of supported programs for brides-to-be, bridesmaids & bridal parties!

We would LOVE you to join our community:  Skin Fitness Group
What do you receive?!

– Gorgeous Bridal Beauty Tips FREE

– Beauty Planner & Checklist

– Skin samples designed specially for you!

Please contact us with any questions!

Luv The Glowing Brides xx

WANT GLOWING SKIN? Yes please!! For BEST results, cleanse MORNING + NIGHT.

WHY? MORNING: Over night our skin repairs & recovers, therefore in morning you have more dead skin cells to slough off & excess serum. Water only will NOT remove all debris, hence a cleanser is a MUST HAVE for clearer skin. It will help boost skin hydration & then moisturise to seal in the water.
NIGHT: At night, our blood flow is increased & needs oxygen to repair itself. Repair is most effective when you have clear skin as it allows better absorption of ingredients. If you want to minimise acne & wake up with softer clearer skin, make sure you don’t forget this step!
Only takes 1-2 minutes but has AMAZING benefits!
Any Q’s just PM me X
Next posts will look at what type of cleanser is PERFECT for you!
Luv The Glowing Brides X

Skin Fitness Challenge


5 Summer tips to GLOWING skin

Anyone else feeling not quite BRIDE READY after Christmas celebrations?! Me! Want to have GLOWING skin leading into the NEW YEAR? Here are our 5 SUMMER tips to GLOWING skin!

1. DRINK UP! So simple but one of the most effective ways to get glowing skin, is to drink water. Do you know that 90% of women have dehydrated skin, which causes premature lines & wrinkles. Glowing healthy skin, starts from within!HOW MUCH TO DRINK PER DAY?!

A good rule to follow, is to drink about half your weight in ounces each day.

Eg: If you weigh 120 pounds (54kgs). You should drink 60 ounces = 1.8 litres/day

Your body & skin will both thank you!
2. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN: This is one of the most important ways to protect our skin. Excess exposure to the harsh UV rays, causes wrinkles, sun spots, premature ageing & increases your chances of skin cancer.

– Always use a day moisturiser with SPF 15+

– Put on a hat!

3. EAT your way to GLOWING skin: Ensure you eat plenty of vegetables (5 serves per day) & fruit (2 serves per day).

– Vitamin A – It is essential for the repair system of the skin cells. It helps prevent acne & gives the skin a radiant glow. Found in: carrots, leafy greens, lettuce & sweet potatoes
– Vitamin C – Your body not only needs Vitamin C to create collagen that produces skin tissue, but also required to heal scars. Found in: peppers, leafy greens, kiwis, citrus, tomatoes, broccoli

– Vitamin E – Is an excellent antioxidant preventing damage to the skin. It helps to revive the skin cells. Found in: Almonds (the best!), raw seeds, kale, spinach, plant oils

– Omega 3 – Fatty acids – They also support the normal healthy skin cell turnover that helps keep acne at bay. Found in: flaxseed oil, salmon (fish oil), soybeans, chia seeds & walnuts

Foods to AVOID for brides – to – be

– processed foods

– coffee

– alcohol

– high salt intake

– high sugar intake


WHY? Main benefits: clarity of skin, cleanse, minimise pores, hydrates, exfoliates, improves tone.

WHICH ONE? Not sure which one is the BEST one for you?! Just contact us!

5. MOISTURISE: Over the Summer months, we have more moisture already on our skin from the temperature increase and increased sweating. Hence, our Summer moisturisers should be lighter & softer textures, so it doesn’t leave your skin greasy. If outdoors, find a moisturiser with SPF 15+ to avoid unnecessary sunburn.

Want more advice?! Just contact us!

Luv The Glowing Brides X


Take 25% off your total purchase!

ONE MONTH TO GLOWING SKIN! Next Program Starts this October! 

Are you AN overwhelmed, super busy bride-to-be? Want amazing GLOWING skin for your big day but don’t know where to start?

At Glowing Brides we LOVE getting brides to glow on their big day.
A FAB skincare regime doesn’t need to cost a fortune AND it can be done in the comfort of your own bathroom! SIMPLE, EASY AND CONVENIENT.
Our BRIDAL GLOW BOX is designed to reduce stress, PROVIDE an organised personal beauty skincare regime & ensure your skin is glowing on your BIG day.

– Skin consultations X 2

– Personalised monthly skincare regime

+ Bridal skincare SPECIALS

+ DIY monthly planner + checklist



Bridal WorkShops!

We offer Bridal WorkShops for brides-to-be & their bridal parties. We offer a variety of workshops designed specially to your needs! Our Bridal WorkShops are designed for brides-to-be & their bridal parties to get together, be pampered & have fun!

Bridal WorkShops offered:

-Bridal Pamper – Skincare

-Bridal Sparkle

– Make-up

-Glowing Body – Nutrition

-Premium Bridal – Skincare, Make-up & Nutrition

For more information, CLICK the BELOW LINK:

Bridal WorkShops

Bridesmaids - Bridal WorkShops

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Glowing Bride!

Is your skin all set to GLOW on your SPECIAL day? The stress of planning a wedding can wreck havoc on your skin. Whatever your concern we can fix it in time! We offer supported programs for brides & their bridal parties. Skin Fitness Challenge + Glowing Body. To JOIN our communities, CLICK on the below links:

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