WANT GLOWING SKIN? Yes please!! For BEST results, cleanse MORNING + NIGHT.

WHY? MORNING: Over night our skin repairs & recovers, therefore in morning you have more dead skin cells to slough off & excess serum. Water only will NOT remove all debris, hence a cleanser is a MUST HAVE for clearer skin. It will help boost skin hydration & then moisturise to seal in the water.
NIGHT: At night, our blood flow is increased & needs oxygen to repair itself. Repair is most effective when you have clear skin as it allows better absorption of ingredients. If you want to minimise acne & wake up with softer clearer skin, make sure you don’t forget this step!
Only takes 1-2 minutes but has AMAZING benefits!
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Next posts will look at what type of cleanser is PERFECT for you!
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5 Summer tips to GLOWING skin

Anyone else feeling not quite BRIDE READY after Christmas celebrations?! Me! Want to have GLOWING skin leading into the NEW YEAR? Here are our 5 SUMMER tips to GLOWING skin!

1. DRINK UP! So simple but one of the most effective ways to get glowing skin, is to drink water. Do you know that 90% of women have dehydrated skin, which causes premature lines & wrinkles. Glowing healthy skin, starts from within!HOW MUCH TO DRINK PER DAY?!

A good rule to follow, is to drink about half your weight in ounces each day.

Eg: If you weigh 120 pounds (54kgs). You should drink 60 ounces = 1.8 litres/day

Your body & skin will both thank you!
2. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN: This is one of the most important ways to protect our skin. Excess exposure to the harsh UV rays, causes wrinkles, sun spots, premature ageing & increases your chances of skin cancer.

– Always use a day moisturiser with SPF 15+

– Put on a hat!

3. EAT your way to GLOWING skin: Ensure you eat plenty of vegetables (5 serves per day) & fruit (2 serves per day).

– Vitamin A – It is essential for the repair system of the skin cells. It helps prevent acne & gives the skin a radiant glow. Found in: carrots, leafy greens, lettuce & sweet potatoes
– Vitamin C – Your body not only needs Vitamin C to create collagen that produces skin tissue, but also required to heal scars. Found in: peppers, leafy greens, kiwis, citrus, tomatoes, broccoli

– Vitamin E – Is an excellent antioxidant preventing damage to the skin. It helps to revive the skin cells. Found in: Almonds (the best!), raw seeds, kale, spinach, plant oils

– Omega 3 – Fatty acids – They also support the normal healthy skin cell turnover that helps keep acne at bay. Found in: flaxseed oil, salmon (fish oil), soybeans, chia seeds & walnuts

Foods to AVOID for brides – to – be

– processed foods

– coffee

– alcohol

– high salt intake

– high sugar intake


WHY? Main benefits: clarity of skin, cleanse, minimise pores, hydrates, exfoliates, improves tone.

WHICH ONE? Not sure which one is the BEST one for you?! Just contact us!

5. MOISTURISE: Over the Summer months, we have more moisture already on our skin from the temperature increase and increased sweating. Hence, our Summer moisturisers should be lighter & softer textures, so it doesn’t leave your skin greasy. If outdoors, find a moisturiser with SPF 15+ to avoid unnecessary sunburn.

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